Impact Position

Impact Position

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impact position white dot back of left hand

White Dot Back Of Left Hand At ImpactI took a video trying to illustrate the impact position of the top hand in my case the left hand by using a white dot placed on the back of my glove.

What I got was a great picture of this  position illustrated by the white dot. This position squares my club face and allows me to swing into a balanced proper follow through given the fundamentals of the swing illustrated here.

This is indeed a proper impact position. The ball is gone and sailing toward the target. What happens after the impact does not really matter since the ball is already gone.

But what happens after the impact is a direct result of what I need to do get get the club face square at impact and ultimately what happens to get me into a balanced follow through and end of swing position.

I am balanced on my left side pushing off with my right side with my head and chest pointing at the golf ball.