The Moment Of Swing Synapse

The Moment Of Swing Synapse – IT’S ALL IN THE TIMING!


We spend so much time thinking about golf swing technique, actual swing mechanics, that we overlook the timing aspect of our total swing experience.

If you think about the times you were hitting your shots really well consistently, you will undoubtedly become aware of the sequence that you followed to get to those good golf swings.

Not the actual mechanical sequence, as in grip aim stance etc., but the timing sequence as in the muscular synapse, or when you started your swing after you set up to the ball. How much time did it take you to start your motion once you felt comfortable over the ball.

When did you feel in your muscles that you could let your swing happen? Your swing awareness at the time lead you to the exact moment that your swing was supposed to happen, and then you let it go. More often than not a bad shot creeps in here and there, and if you think about it, your timing mechanism was a little off meaning you got a little anxious or waited just a little too long, maybe because of doubt or indecision, to let you sequence begin, to begin your swing.

As a result, your muscle synapse, within your consciousness of that particular moment as it related to that particular shot was not in the same reality that surrounded the good sequence of shots. You changed your golf swing synapse, if only slightly, and altered the experience of that particular shot. It is a matter of a millisecond a small moment in time that can make a gigantic difference between high success, moderate success or failure of anything in between.

Let’s face it we all want to hit good golf shots or we probably would not be playing the game. Your golf swing synapse, when you allow your muscles to fire, means as much or more than your actual physical mechanics. I guess it relates to “being in the zone” or in the flow of the moment that it takes to let your swing happen.

It is not even something that you can think about afterwards it is more of a “consciousness of the moment” sort of thing, where it happens on one shot, then when you are ready to hit the next shot, you feel your moment, the moment to start your swing, then you trust it, then you let it go. Doubt or indecision will sometimes enter the equation and we all do the best we can do. But if you think about this “moment of golf swing synapse moment of being ready to swing”, maybe your best will start to get a little better.

Trust your decisions, trust your judgment, trust your mechanics, then get in there and get in there and let your swing happen. Wait for your swing moment to arrive, then just let it go.

The Moment Of Swing Synapse
The Moment Of Swing Synapse