Find The Authentic Engine That Powers Your Swing

golf lessons

The golf swing, teaching, giving lessons, instructing beginner, advanced and accomplished players, and learning what fuels and powers a consistent golf swing has always been a fascination of mine. I look for the engine that drives each individual’s the swing.

We fine tune this engine to each individual golfer’s golf swing requirements.

Experience has taught me that you cannot make your body do what it does not want to do. We all have our own golf swing framework. What I try to do as a teacher of the golf swing is to help each individual student find a path to their own unique equation in hitting good golf shots. What works for one golfer will not work for the next.

Throughout my career as a teacher of golf and the game of golf, I have found that good fundamentals, without compromise, are necessary to hit consistently good golf shots. Your golf lessons will meet your swing requirements. Further, you can hit good, solid golf shots with what looks like a bad golf swing as long as your fundamentals are consistent, correct, and solid.

Even though I have all but stopped playing tournament golf, I work hard at my golf game and never stop experimenting and looking for usable golf swing information. However, I always keep the truth in mind that despite all the technical information and swing positions, you still have to swing the golf club freely.

I have been giving expert instruction and golf lessons for more than 20 years, and updating since it went live around 1994, with great content that my lessons and students have taught me, as it relates to the evolution of the golf swing, to individual student needs and goals, and teaching golf and golf instruction.

On, you will find golf swing drills I have developed during lessons as a teacher for strength, endurance, and control of the golf club and of your golf muscles. Some drills may seem a little unorthodox, but the drills will take you to the extreme reaches of your ability, to help you find a way to get the club moving in the proper direction. When you practice in the extreme, you have to repeat the swing moves in the proper way to get the golf club going in the right direction which gets the golf ball going where you want it to go.

From student to student, a competent golf teacher understands that there is no system that includes a solution to changing a golf swing. A competent golf teacher understands that communication is the key to great teaching. Finding each golfer’s strength then finding a way to get the golfer to apply proper fundamentals is what makes a great golf teacher. The proof is seeing the elation and belief in the students eyes when they witness a ball flight totally different from the one they started with at the beginning of the lesson.

These are my strengths. I most often invent a new way to explain things on the fly. It depends on the make-up of my student.

Make a commitment to yourself to play better golf. Call the golf teacher for golf lessons. I guarantee if your shots get better and your scores start to come down, you will be happy and your will want to play more golf.

Make an investment in yourself, do something that will make you feel better. At the very least, get out and play more golf. At the most, make your game better!