Let’s Talk A Little Golf Turkey

Technique and high-tech learning are a hug part of our game. There is no disputing this fact; but after a quarter of a century, more like 35 years, I have come to know that you can use all the high tech equipment and training devices you want, but if you cannot control your golf club during your golf swing, all the high tech training and information and gizmos you invest in are not going to help your too much. These aids and devices create a false sense of security and a false pattern of muscle memory.

If you do not have the strength to control the golf club during your golf swing, well, it is kind of self-explanatory.

All it takes is a minimal investment and a few minutes a day, or every other day. What is better, you don’t even need to hit shots. You can train in your living room

For the better part of 25 years, I’ve been teaching golf to all levels of players. For over 35 years I have been studying the golf swing, in both practice and theory, and have fought my way back through career threatening injuries, by hard practice, and by learning to swing the golf club in many different ways.

This is something you can do for yourself if you want to continue playing the game at any kind of competent level; and I don’t think there has ever been a golf born who does not want to get something more out of their game.

The choice is yours, the time and monetary investment is minimal. The rest is up to you.

I know that I do this every day while hitting all kinds of golf shots, and that my control of the golf club and swing power has improved dramatically.

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Gain Golf Strength

Gain Golf Strength

Do you want to hit the ball farther? Do you want to control your golf club more efficiently during your swing? Do you want better control over your golf shots?

Get yourself a pair of wrist weights. Gain golf strength. Use the heaviest weight you can tolerate. Put the wrist weights on your wrist and hit golf shots with whatever club you want to use.

Putting the weights on your wrists makes a big difference, as opposed to swinging a weighted club. Weighted clubs are not the answer.

Without getting into all the explanations, putting the weights on your wrists is a whole lot more effective than swinging a weighted object.

With weights on your wrists, the practice becomes more focused. You can hit full or half shots, with a normal golf club. You are maintaining your feel, your natural moves. Simply you gain golf strength.

While at the same time, simply and efficiently, adding strength to your arms and all your golf muscles.

Wrist weights offer you an entirely different equation for ultimately gaining more control over all your golf shots and your golf swing.

It is an entirely different dynamic than swinging weighted objects, using cockamamie swing aids that tell you nothing and teach you nothing, or doing endless boring exercises that get you in shape but do not guarantee that you will swing the golf club better. You gain real golf strength.

Give it a try. I do promise that you will not be disappointed with the results!