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Golf Swing Guide

Golf Swing Guide Lessons Instruction-Common Sense Direction To Better Golf-Usable Real Life Golf Information From Expert Golf Teacher PGA A1 Professional John Lombardo, Auburn NY. Call The Golf Teacher 315-224-1103.

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PGA Professionals can teach any golfer to hit a golf ball. My dog Zeke (in the above video) is living proof!

Educated and trained by the PGA of America

Solheim Cup! Great entertainment! Hope you got to watch it. 

“There is no more peaceful place on earth than a golf course.” Rory McIlroy

“Everyone who plays golf wants to show at least some measure of improvement, some measure of success.” 

“The proof is in the ball flight.” Golf swing truth.

“Good fundamentals, are necessary to hit consistently good golf shots.” Golf Swing Truth 

Fluid Mechanics Of The Golf Swing

“There is no magic move or one way to swing a golf club. Everyone, every swing is different. Teachers of the golf swing should cease trying to force what they think they know on their students, and listen to what their students are telling them about where they need to go.” John Lombardo

Golf Saved My Life !

“I am truly at peace, in a calm nirvana-like place, when I practice my golf swing, hitting golf balls. It is the purest of meditations; making things possible of the impossible. The purest form of total immersion meditation.” John Lombardo

“There are many ways to swing a golf club.”

Why You Should Play Golf !

“The most important shot in golf is the next one.”
    ~ Ben Hogan

“The older I get, the better I used to be.”
    ~ Lee Trevino

“Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.”
    ~ Arnold Palmer

“Change is the price of survival.”
    ~ Gary Player