Shoulder Turn In The Golf Swing

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A Tour Pro told me that a real shoulder turn of any kind is definitely a necessary component to any golf swing.

No matter what your skill level or physical condition, if you  learn to turn your shoulders around your spine on the back swing, you will have a decent chance of delivering the club head to the golf ball properly thus hitting better golf shots.

A real shoulder turn that follow the physical path of least resistance and that creates torque at the same time will improve your sense of swing, your balance, timing, feel, and will help you gain club head speed and improved direction of your golf shots.

Golf Swing Change Update

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As described below, I dropped my hands about three inches at address and bent more from the waist at address. The final piece of the setup puzzle was to lean back a little just before I start my swing. so instead of having my weight out toward the toes, I put it back more over the ankles and get my butt, or center of gravity back behind my hips a little. the end  result is solid golf shots with much greater distance. The latter I borrowed from Jordan Speith as I watched him swing at the U.S. Open this summer.

To be honest, this is the only golf swing change I have ever incorporated that has worked consistently on the golf course when I play. I shot a 74 the first time out and a 78 the next time.  this approach to the golf swing has brought a much calmer state of mind to my playing. I know that if I get in the correct position at address that I can hot solid, consistent golf shots. If I lose it for a few holes, I know that I am just a little off and that I have to get back to the optimum address position.

This change has allowed me to really get my legs and core muscles involved in my golf swing much more efficiently and much more readily. I feel the movement and the setup, and feel that my back muscles have also become much more  involved in swinging the golf club.

Like I said, it is the first swing change that I have used over many years that is actually functional on the golf course. If the good things continue I may start playing in tournaments again.

Golf Power Source

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The other evening I was out on the range hitting balls and working on my swing, struggling along like usual looking for a swing thought that would help me get myself back on track. It has been a particularly tough stretch for me, not playing because of work commitments and just a general dissatisfaction with my golf swing. Bad knees and arthritis don’t help things along any.

After having watched many of my own swings using a GoPro Hero 4, I started to get the idea of why I have such a hard time controlling the golf club and subsequently my golf shots. It is the way I set up to the ball that yields mediocre golf shots.

Well lo and behold the other evening, after a series of struggling swings and bad inconsistent shots, a little voice says to me in a complete sentence “why don’t you try lowering your hands about three inches and bending more from the waist?”

Being a soul who listens to those voices, I started to lower my hands and bend a little more from the waist. An immediate upheaval off golf spirituality surged through me. My shots, while still offline became solid and flew with a consistent ball flight and trajectory. What is more, the swings were much more powerful and the ball was travelling further.

I immediately put my teaching sticks on the ground and started working on alignment and direction, still with lower hands and more waist bend. Gradually my shots straightened out and I am able to really release the club head with much more violence and force and intent than was present before. I am constantly amazed at how one moment or one small decision can change your life.

One member watched me from the parking lot and yelled over “put your back into it.” finally I have rediscovered a giant power source in my quest to learn how to swing a golf club. I know  that my legs have always been strong, but never realized how much my back and legs figure into the equation.

You have to strong to control a golf club, to move a ball with distance and direction, and to control your ball trajectory and direction. What is more you have to get the club on the correct path. Strength and power are prerequisites to good technique.

This trend has continued for five straight evenings as my release into impact is getting stronger and my follow through is getting fuller.

Can’t wait to get this new swing on the GoPro Hero 4.

Golfer’s Perspective Video

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Using a GoPro Hero 4 action cam to video my golf swing has been an enlightening experience. It became immediately evident that you can see things that are not so obvious using a detached video (from outside your perspective as a golfer).

Using the GoPro is like seeing your setup, stance, golf swing, impact, and how the ball leaves your club face through your own eyes. I guess that is the whole idea.

From a golfer’s perspective I was finally able to see why I have been pulling the ball left of the target for so many years. It is the one key swing fault that has been hindering my scores.

The first thing I saw when viewing my GoPro video was that my shoulders and hips are aligned about thirty degrees or so left of the target and my weight is extremely on the right hip.  This has become my “comfortable setup position.”

Also immediately evident is that this setup position hinders my back swing and shoulder turn causing me to shorten everything going back and then again coming through impact and into the follow through. My swing path was consistently from outside to inside cutting straight across the target line and launching the ball straight left of target. A solid consistent pull shot.

This “golf swing formula” equals shot consistently left of the target. Being a pretty bright guy, I changed my setup position by putting more weight over my left hip which essentially shifted my spine angle to the left and also straightened up my shoulders, going from an open position top square position.


I don’t have to think so much about swinging. The ball goes pretty straight and my shot pattern and direction is much more consistent with where I believe I and aiming. Now I can just swing without having to think about so many in-swing manipulations.

Funny how these things were not really that evident with conventional video swing analysis. Being able to see your golf swing through your own eyes is definitely a huge advantage in individual golf swing analysis.


Things To Know About Taking A Golf Lesson

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Golf Lessons Primer

When a new or existing student comes to me for lessons, I know I have done something correct in my teaching approach somewhere along the line. Being a golf instructor and teacher, someone skilled in ball striking and teaching, I have a good feeling as to how to approach each lesson. From the initial contact to about 5 minutes into the lesson, I know how to go about relating the important golf information to each student on an individual basis. Feel, intuition, and experience all figure into the equation.

If you are thinking of taking golf lesson, realize first as I am sure you do, that this can be a major investment. Even one lesson at a $60 to $80 price range can cut into your golfing and living budget. In my experience, I realize how hard it is to get by these days on what we have, so if you take a lesson from me, and I can only speak for myself, I can guarantee that you will get the most for your money.

I recently attended a seminar presented by Michael Breed of The Golf Channel. At one point in tthe presentation, Breed asked for 2 key words from the audience. He had a list of words that he had collected from all his previous seminars, and wanted to add 2 words from this audience, made up primarily of PGA professionals. Breed read us his list and got 2 more words from this group. No place on his list were the words I have previously mention, feel and intuition. Most in attendance agreed that it took about one-third to one-quarter of each lesson to figure out how to approach the student. I thought to myself that they are wasting a great deal of time on a part of teaching that they should have figured out in the lesson booking and in the first five minutes of the lesson: how to approach the relaying and relating of information.

My artistic background has given me a great foundation on which to base my teaching method. In the first place, I have learned over the last 40 years how to reduce information to its lowest common denominator, and how to get to the root of most problems quickly. In the second place, I have learned how to relay this information in a timely, simple to understand, common sense, coherent way. I have learned to operate on many levels at once, to get to the heart of the matter and get that information to the student precisely and quickly. No one wants to waste time and money; your golf lesson is no different that anything else.

I could tell you many reasons to take a lesson, from learning fundamentals to the ultimate goal of lowering your scores by hitting consistently better golf shots. This leads to increased satisfaction in your golf game simply from being a better player.

It is my goal as a teacher to first and foremost connect with you as a student, on some level. Then we can go about our business of making you a more consistent and competent golfers.

If you are looking for lessons, find a teacher who will meet your needs. Use email and the telephone to interview your prospective teachers and find someone who first of all cares about what he or she is doing, and second of all who can relate to you honestly as an individual golfer.

Stay away from system or method teachers. What works for one golfer may not work for another. It is more important to relate swing fundamentals, both pre-swing and in-swing, to you particular situation, to getting you on the road to being a better player. Remember the words feel and intuition, and use them to your advantage on your search for a golf teacher or instructor.

Remember once you get on the road, it takes a little work on your part to maintain your knowledge, put it into practice, and keep on moving to new horizons.

Teach Golf On The Driving Range

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The hardest thing for most amateurs to realize is how much damage they inflict on a beginner golfer by trying to teach them how to swing the first time they tee off for a round of golf.

The world is paved with good intentions. But leave your teaching efforts for the driving range. Trying to teach a new beginner to play golf right out of the box is a really bad idea. The psychological damage inflicted on their delicate as yet undeveloped golf psyches is irreparable.

Most amateur golfers like to think they know a lot more about the golf swing than they really do. That is fine. golf is a game of egos. And indeed they may know a little about the golf swing. but please leave the teaching end of the game to professionals who do this for a living and who know what they are talking about and how to relay their knowledge and experience to new golfers.

Too often we see a group of golfers going off the first tee with a few groups waiting behind them, when inevitably someone in the group starts to instruct  a novice golfer, right in front of the masses waiting to tee off. Talk about a feeling of being naked on the first tee ! Please realize, if you have ever been this kind of “teacher”, that you are inflicting a great deal of anguish and pain on the person you are trying to teach.

Save it for the  range and for professionals who know how to teach. Do your part to keep new golfers in the game, not drive them away with bad judgement and good intentions.