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Lesson Rates

lesson rates PGA professional John B Lombardo
PGA Of America
 John B Lombardo
Class A1 PGA Professional
 *John’s cell phone or text (anytime): 315-224-1103
Lesson Rates 2023
“Give A Lesson a Try! Trust your PGA Professional-Trained in the Business of Golf With Your Best Interests at Heart”

“It is my goal as a teacher to first and foremost connect with you as a student and as a person. Then we can go about our business of making you a more consistent and competent golfer.”

*Single Lessons-$75
*Series of 4 Lessons-$250
*Playing Lessons-$200 (includes course fees)
*Junior Lessons $40

Group Rates: $40 per student

*Video available upon request

If you are thinking of taking golf lesson, realize first as I am sure you do, that this can be a major investment. Even one lesson at a $60 to $80 lesson rates price range can cut into your golfing and living budget. In my experience, I realize how hard it is to get by these days on what we have, so if you take a lesson from me, and I can only speak for myself, I can guarantee that you will get the most for your money.

We cover putting, short game, wedge play, (most of your shots take place from on and around the greens) full swing, half-swing (knockdown shots), distance control, driver control (gain distance and maintain accuracy).

I could tell you many reasons to take a lesson, from learning fundamentals to the ultimate goal of lowering your scores by hitting consistently better golf shots. This leads to increased satisfaction in your golf game simply from being a better player.

*Call for information and appointments:

*John’s cell phone or text (anytime): 315-224-1103

Dutch Hollow CC: 315-784-5052

email John at lombo@pga.com to book an appointment, or with any questions or comments

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