Putting Insights

Putting insights.

As a result of my deteriorating knee problems, I am unable to practice the full swing much so I decided to devote my practice time to the short game.

Putting has always been a fascination, so I set about paying attention to what I was doing when I putted. I found quite readily that my biggest problem is not seeing the line correctly.

Most of my putts miss left. It is the result of the way I set up to putt and the level and angle of my eyes in the ball/hole continuum.

So I invested in 2 Scotty Cameron putters. Same problem. My setup is faulty, or flawed in the eye/ball/ hole relationship.

After hours of careful deliberation, new putting insights on a personal nature, and countless trials and errors I discovered the ideal length/lie putter that putts my eyes and head in the correct position to see a good line from the ball to the hole.

I lengthened a Scotty Cameron putter to fit my new set up, put a thick Flatso 13 3/4 inch length grip on it, and ran the longer shaft through my left palm and up my left forearm like Matt Kuchar.

The results were not surprising in that putts started going in the hole. Once I started seeing the line to the hole (and stopped guessing) my putts started to drop. All this time I though I had a bad stroke when the real problem was I could not make the eye/ball/hole connection correctly.

Making adjustments (in this case length and grip only) to my brand new Scotty Cameron putters was easy. I saved the original grip and went to town. These putters are made to hit good putts.

When you are constantly guessing as to the direction of your putts it is hard to make them go into the hole. More to the point if you cannot see the hole in relation to your ball, that is a real problem.

Do anything you have to do to get your eye/ball/hole continuum in tune. I guarantee you putts will start to drop. Once you figure it out, the results will be astounding.

Still using the same right hand position on the putter (under the square bottom of the SuperStroke grip). The only change I made was using the reverse over lap grip as normal.

I hole these putting insights help you along the way to more holed putts and lower scores. Remember the 3-8 foot putts are the ones that will make you or break you!

Putting Insights Modified Scotty Cameron Putter-45" Long|Superstoke Traxion Plus 13/3/4" Length Grip
Putting Insights Modified Scotty Cameron Putter-45″ Long|Superstoke Traxion Plus 13/3/4″ Length Grip

Putting It’s How You Hold The Putter

Putting It’s How You Hold The Putter

Neurologically speaking, your golf swing and putting stroke is a reflection of you and the way you do things.

After many years of putting mediocrity and experimentation and no feel or idea or impulse going from my brain to my putter and back to my brain, I found myself on the practice putting green holding my putter shaft wedged between my index finger and middle finger of my right hand just swinging back and forth as I walked toward my three golf balls to attempt more putts.

I looked down and saw my two fingers under the square bottom of a Super Stroke 3.0 size non-taper putter grip. The putter was wedged securely in my right hand so I said to myself  “what the hell I’ll try this.”

I put my left hand on the top of the putter grip without even thinking about it and stroked a 30 foot put that went right into the middle of the cup with perfect speed. Stroked another with the exact same result then another that stopped a fraction of an inch from going in.

I pulled the balls out of the cup and hit three six-footers that went right to the bottom of the hole.

Hmmm. Something felt right. Putting It’s How You Hold The Putter.  I looked down and my right arm was parallel with the shaft of the putter and every practice and real stroke I took felt exactly the same. What was more important, I had a great feel for speed and direction as each putt whether 60 feet or four feet was exactly the same.

I have been putting this way now for about three months. Nothing has changed. The results are still excellent. I am making more putts than I have made in years and getting the ball up and down on a regular basis.

Finally some feedback, some direction and some idea translated into reality. The neurological synapse between brain and execution has been bridged.

I putt the same with any putter that finds its way into my hands: from relic 8802’s, Bullseye’s, Anser’s or whatever I happen to use.

Putting It’s How You Hold The Putter.

It is not the putter “it’s in the way that you use it!”