Good To Play-March 2020

It is good to be out playing again. Mid March 2020. Wind blowing, cool fresh air, golf course in beautiful shape.

I live for these moments.

Moments or stretches during a round when all my practice, hard work, and grinding come together and my muscles work the way they are supposed to work and my golf shots do what they are supposed to do.

The proof is always in the ball flight.

Get out and play golf! It’s good for your health, mind, body and soul.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Practice

The new golf season 2018 is on our doorstep. Today is March 4, 2018. We had over a foot of snow on March 2nd and the temperature today is about 32 degrees with a stiff wind blowing.

I had cut my practice nets down because the rain before the snow froze and there was about a ton of snow caught on the nets. So Yesterday I rehung the nets after a hard pull out of the snow and today I decided to it balls again.

The sun was bright even though the ground was wet and muddy and the temperature was no conducive to practicing my golf swing. But what the hell its march and I wanted to practice.

I turned on my SkyTrak launch monitor and connected to my iPhone and went to work. i have been practicing hard since the season ended last November and at times have been able to get my driver club head speed up to 96 and ball speed near 140.

A far cry from the old days when I averaged 116 mph with ball speeds in the 160’s and 170’s. Of course I was 20 years younger and have undergone battles with cancer, knee surgeries, torn cartilages, infections and other surgeries and ailments.

Seems like its been 10 years of a downhill energy spiral, although last year 2017, was a relatively good year knock on wood and all sorts of other things to keep the blues way.

So today in the old and sunny weather surrounded by piles of now I managed to get my club speed to about 85 with ball speed about 131. Not too bad I thought for the conditions and by condition.

I have been experimenting with different shafts. I can still swing a stiff shaft but always need a higher kick point due to the fact that I have a fast hard release of the club head and have strong powerful wrists and hands. Swings with a regular lighter longer shaft have produced better numbers and more distance.

Funny thing about practicing. One day last week when it was a little warmer I hit about 80 balls with a driver and was caught in the 85 to 90 mph comfort zone. Then I decided to call on my adrenaline and try to pump myself up to a “game day” frame of mind. The result of the experiment into a raised level of concentration and awareness was 96 mph with balls speeds of a little over 140.

I guess animated practice is more productive than steady level practice, at least in the context of trying to increase distance, clubbed speed, and ball speed. Although I have played my best golf score-wise when I play in a state of steady level headed clear headed detached concentration.

I am hitting the ball pretty straight on a consistent basis, but I am also starting to become aware of a slight tweak in my downswing move that increases my numbers pretty dramatically. The only problem is that the ball goes way right of my usual direction, which is a slight draw of little fad when I want to hit a fade.

As I sit here the 2018 golf season is right on our doorstep. My SkyTrak launch monitor has afforded me hours of really productive practice during this off season. I will continue to work hard and am looking forward to playing some good golf this season.

Let the games begin!

Golf Lesson Advice

Golf Lesson Advice

golf lesson advice

If you are considering taking a golf lesson, think about this.

Find a teacher that can communicate to you in a way that you understand.

Golf lesson advice 101.

Great teachers are able to find your one key swing fault, the fault that leads to every other fault that affects your game. It is like chain reaction where one mistake compounds another. If you fix the first one, the cause of the other trouble, you eliminate the symptoms.

But remember this too: the rest is up to you. Some teachers teach method, others teach what you need to know for your own game. But you have to practice and work hard to make changes. Good golf lesson advice. They do not happen just because someone tells you something that you think is the holy grail of golf swing technique. There is is no easy way around this.

Practice what works and learn to repeat it. this is good golf lesson advice. If you do not practice, you will never make a change or get better. All the golf lessons in the world will never help you if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to make yourself a better striker of the ball and a better player.

The cost of a golf lesson should be irrelevant up to a point. The truth is that some golf teachers are better communicators that others; but the important thing is to find a golf teacher who can relate to you in the way you most easily understand.

Ask questions, listen and ask more questions. Find a PGA professional. talk it over before you make a commitment, but by all means after finding the right teacher for you, make the commitment. Your game will improve and the satisfaction and happiness you find in playing the game a little better will grow by leaps and bounds.