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John is an experienced golf teacher and tournament player who has overcome major injuries and paralysis to his left arm and shoulder, and has learned what really works on the path to developing a repeating and functional golf swing. John gives instruction to hundreds of golfers every year, in both private and clinic formats.

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“The proof is in the ball flight.”

“I am truly at peace, in a calm nirvana-like place, when I practice my golf swing, hitting golf balls. It is the purest of meditations; making things possible of the impossible. The purest form of total immersion meditation.”

Golf Lessons. My name is John B. Lombardo PGA professional Class A1, head golf and teaching professional at Dutch Hollow Country Club in Owasco, NY.

The golf swing, teaching, giving lessons, instructing beginner, advanced and accomplished players, and learning what fuels and powers a consistent golf swing has always been a fascination of mine. I look for the engine that drives each individual’s the swing.

I work hard at my game. I never stop experimenting and looking for golf swing information. However, I always keep the truth in mind that despite all the technical information and swing positions, you still have to swing the golf club freely.

I have been giving expert instruction and golf lessons for more than 20 years, and updating since it went live around 1994, with great content that my lessons and students have taught me, as it relates to the evolution of the golf swing, to individual student needs and goals, and teaching golf and golf instruction.

Throughout my career as a teacher of golf and the game of golf, I have found that good fundamentals, without compromise, are necessary to hit consistently good golf shots. Your golf lessons will meet your swing requirements. Further, you can hit good, solid golf shots with what looks like a bad golf swing as long as your fundamentals are consistent, correct, and solid.

I guess then your bad swing would, in the reality of golf, be a good swing if you are hitting consistent, solid, usable golf shots.

There is no one way to swing a golf club and produce consistent golf shots. Experience has taught me that you cannot make your body do what it does not want to do. We all have our own golf swing framework. What I try to do as a teacher of the golf swing is to help each individual student find a path to their own unique equation in hitting good golf shots. What works for one golfer will not work for the next.

On, you will find golf swing drills I have developed during lessons as a teacher for strength, endurance, and control of the golf club and of your golf muscles. Some drills may seem a little unorthodox, but the drills will take you to the extreme reaches of your ability, to help you find a way to get the club moving in the proper direction. When you practice in the extreme, you have to repeat the swing moves in the proper way to get the golf club going in the right direction which gets the golf ball going where you want it to go.

From student to student, a competent golf teacher understands that there is no system that includes a solution to changing a golf swing. A competent golf teacher understands that communication is the key to great teaching. Finding each golfer’s strength then finding a way to get the golfer to apply proper fundamentals is what makes a great golf teacher. The proof is seeing the elation and belief in the students eyes when they witness a ball flight totally different from the one they started with at the beginning of the lesson.

These are my strengths. I most often invent a new way to explain things on the fly. It depends on the make-up of my student.

Make a commitment to yourself to play better golf. Call the golf teacher for golf lessons. I guarantee if your shots get better and your scores start to come down, you will be happy. Make an investment in yourself, do something that will make you feel better. At the very least, get out and play more golf. At the most, make your game better!

My goal here is to relate the information and experience I have gained in the golf business over the past thirty years to help make those who visit better golfers, better shot-makers, and to enhance their enjoyment of the game. Golf truly is the “game of a lifetime.”

I use both high tech teaching equipment and observation. Watching your golf ball flight in regards to what you are doing in your golf swing is the key to any good golf lesson.

By watching and listening to great golfers, and sitting behind the counter watching countless thousands of golfers tee off on the first tee and hit balls on the range, I have developed a great eye and ear for technique or lack of technique in any golf swing. Being able to see and decipher each individual golf  swing as it relates to itself is the key component to any great teacher of the game.

High tech equipment is great, but only for the student who requires it. Most of us just want some simple, common sense help with our golf games.

I started using video in my lessons as an instructional tool back in the early 1990’s. I have used many video systems that have evolved into taking video with an iPhone using the V1 system. I take and analyze video seamlessly in real time with no interruptions, right at the site of the lesson. It is a quick accurate system that gives, you the student, instantaneous feedback before you have a chance to forget the feel and results of the shots that we have on video. Video training has also helped me as a player, as it is always a new experience seeing yourself in real time on the screen. Pictures do not lie.

I just this week (4/23/2017) purchased a SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Unit. Its a great piece of equipment. I will probably  only use it for myself but I view it as a very worthwhile investment in my career as a golf teacher and a golf professional; and as a proficient player. The SkyTrak has much the same interface as the old GolfAchiever, only much more refined.

Over the years I have also used the GolfAchiever golf swing analyzer and launch monitor, the Ernest Golf ES12 monitor, as well as my iPhone video camera and iPhone swing analyzing devices and software. I have hit countless thousands of golf balls using this swing analyzers. But one thing I have found is that most golfers want to get better, but do not necessarily have a need for high tech teaching tools or high priced swing aids that just add to the confusion.


If somebody, a golf teacher for example, would have offered lessons and told me 40 years ago when I first started to golf seriously, (and it is ok to take it seriously because I figure everyone’s goal is to play better, to do this you have to have a little interest) that there is one golf swing move to practice that will incorporate and nurture all other moves into a cohesive pattern that would produce good to great consistent golf shots, I would probably have been skeptical at best and figured there was no easy way to make this move called the golf swing. That is why I spent the last 30 to 35 years as a teacher, player, and observer while playing and giving lessons, trying to figure out how to hit consistent golf shots. And again, I never ran across anybody or any body of work as far as golf swing instruction that would lead me down the path to what I call good golf and good to great golf shots, consistently. Anything that is understandable, coherent, and to the point.

One great misconception about the golf swing is that it is something really complicated. One of my greatest assets as a teacher when giving a lesson is that I am able to reduce things to their lowest terms, to simplify things to make things understandable in common sense terms. I think I have found  certain keys common to all great golf swings, and to all great ball-strikers, and good players. These fundamentals can be easily repeated, and that can in the end put all the other parts of your swing and body when it moves to swing where they belong.

I took my first golf lesson and only golf lesson from Mike Pedersen, a world renowned teacher at PGA National in Florida. I learned about my golf swing, and I learned how great golf teachers teach.

I have heard it said that “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.” Taking a golf lesson or two from a qualified golf teacher that speaks to you in common sense language can improve your game and the quality of your shot-making, thereby improving your scores.



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