Weightless Takeaway

When you take the club head away from the ball to begin your back swing, if you do this correctly, your club and arms should feel as light or lighter than a feather. This is called a balanced on plane takeaway.

If the club feels heavy you are fighting gravity and manipulating the golf club right from the start. This then leads to corrections and further manipulations throughout the entire swing.

If you take the club back one piece using your shoulders and core muscles, you will feel weightless and light throughout the swing, then the golf club will continue onto to the proper plane for your swing, with a great extension and big arc.

From there it is all gravy as gravity takes over and lets the club head drop onto the ball with an effortless release through impact. Actually, you cannot help but release the club head correctly because you are no longer fighting gravity and trying to swing the club with your hands and arms.

The ball will explode off your club face. It is that simple.

Weightlessness is is the key!